Benefit Friends and Family

  1. Just spreading the word :flowers:
  2. :yahoo:Thank you for posting this! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Benefit make-up!
  3. This is great! Thanks so much.
  4. Is this offer also for shipping to Europe ?
  5. Thanks!!!! I LOVE Benefit....was just looking to buy the new Dallas palette!

  6. It says internet only so i would think so :yes:
  7. cool thanks
  8. wow...thx a bunch....:smile:
  9. Thank you this is great! :yahoo:
  10. Thank you!! Does the code work now because it says that the offer's good from 11/10-11/25?
  11. ^^^ I would think it only works during the dates listed :yes:
  12. thank you
  13. :wlae: thanks so much!
  14. yayayyaay i need a new tube of bad gal! soo w/ the discount ILL GRAB SOME MORE THINGS THANX SOOO MUCH!
  15. thank you:yahoo: