benefit fraud

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  1. i dont really know if i should post this in here or the relationships and family forum.
    what would you do if you knew someone was fraudulently claiming benefits?
    it not just a small amount, they have a car out of it and everything. the problem is this person is close to me (SOs family member).
    they dont work and dont want to work so they see this as an easy option. it all came out in a family row this week and i feel really tempted to call the benefits office but that would put my relationship at risk.
  2. What a dilema to be in! I'm sorry I can't really give you any advice, I just wanted to sympathise with you. What this peron is doing is wrong (legally and morally) and it p****s me off so much when I hear this kind of thing. I work full time and have little spare cash, but there is no incentive for these people to work when it's (obviously) so easy for them to make fraudulent claims. The hard thing is the fact that it's your SOs family. Let us know what you decide. Good luck x
  3. anyone else?
    im so stuck, what should i do?
  4. I would alert the governing agency about this. They may let you do this and not give your name, don't know. Here in the US you can call and they will do an investigation but you don't have to give your name.
  5. Its awful,but Id stay out of it
  6. {{Hugs}} that is a really difficult decision I can't honestly say what I'd do it is anon to tip off (supposed to be at least) but it would be pretty obvious where it had come from maybe it's possible to wait a few months then do it that way it won't seem as obvious
  7. I'm in a bit of a situation with my SO's family member as well. It is a very tough spot to be in so I feel your pain. If you do turn them in, you can think that maybe now someone who really needs the benefit receive it. On the other hand, if they found out it was you who gave them up, it would cause some serious waves in the family.

    Do what you think is right, but make sure you are prepared for the consequences of either action. Good luck! :smile:
  8. Just me, but I would probably not do anything and hope they'd get caught out sooner or later. I might do something if it were my own family, but as close as you are to your SO, it's not the same as it being your own family. I would be afraid that it could cause a permanent rift with him or his fam.
  9. If you can report them from a payphone without giving you name, do it.....
    I hate people who scam the government when so many innocent people who need the help can't get it.
  10. i'd say... everyone prob have their reason for doing something like this... yes, its very tough but i dun think that telling on them will make anyone happy.
    eeeewww! tough choice!
  11. If you know for a fact that it's fraudulent (not just your own suspicion or hearsay), I would report it. I'm sensitive to the family drama it would cause, but at the end of the day there's still wrongdoing on their part. By turning a blind eye to it, you're condoning it.
  12. oh it is definately fraudulent, and on a big scale. i mean they are buying cars and holidays and everything.
  13. I hate people that do this!

    My husband travels 5 hours a day to earn a good wage and pays a huge stack in deductions to which benefit frauds are contributing to.

    You however are in a tough situation, I think I would go with Label addicts idea and wait till the dust has settled a bit then report them.

    Good luck with your decision.
  14. I had a friend and co-worker years ago. She and I were close enough that she told me her husband and his family were filing claims, multiple claims, fraudulently to receive $ that was marked for survivors of the World Trade Center terrorist attack. On top of that, there were retailers she dealt with that would accept these vouchers, supposedly for "necessary items" and print up fake receipts for her. She turned around and purchased luxury items from these retailers. She came in and showed me a new digital camera and some lingerie she had picked up with these vouchers.

    9/11 is something that NYers feel to the very core of their beings. I think many of us still tear up at the remembrance of the events of that day. To have someone blatantly steal from the people who were actually affected by those events, for selfish personal gain... I have no words to describe the disgust I felt and still feel.

    I reported her. She and I no longer speak, and regardless of whether my actions were right or wrong, I stand by it 100%. Perhaps her actions don't affect me directly, but it offends my sensibilities deeply.

    Before you take any action, be ready for the worse fallout. If you can honestly say that you'd still report this person, even if the worse fallout scenario came true, do it. If the scenario is too high a price to pay in exchange for the civic duty, reconsider.