Benefit Dr. Feelgood?

  1. I just bought Dr. Feelgood from Benefit on a friend's recommendation. Any opinions on it?
  2. i didnt like it for myself. it broke me out and felt too greasy when putting it on. :sad:
  3. It was okay...I've used it under my makeup, and it does help my foundation to go on a bit more smoothly, but other than that...I didn't notice anything *that* great about it. The smell is a little funky too, no? (or is it just me?)
  4. I was told when I first bought it that it was to use as you would a powder press after you've done everything else as a lighter way to remove any shine and 'set' the makeup. That's how I've used it and have never owned nor bought any powder since as this is my staple - I love it and have seriously irritable skin.