BeneFit - Dr. Feelgood Complexion Balm

  1. Hi ! I was wondering if anyone had any personal experiences with this product. I tried it when I was in Sephora on the weekend and even though it looked so greasy and gross in the tin, it actually wasn't so bad when it went on - dried right up and the such. I don't know if it actually really made an impact since I wasn't paying attention so I'd like to ask everyone for their opinions !

    I've read some reviews online and it said that it made a lot of people break out or feel greasy - that'd be pretty crummy if that happened after I bought this. So help meeee ! :tender:
  2. Dr. Feelgood clogged my pores and made me break out. it also seemed to make me more oily which defeats the purpose
  3. I have it, too. I agree with made my face feel more oily and I could feel it layered on. Don't like it.
  4. I like it and I used it everyday for a while as a kind of makeup base, and also to touch up my makeup.. I have dry skin and it does smoothen my complexion and give it an overall matt yet not dry feeling.. but I guess after a while, the tin does look unattractive, especially when half used.. like putting a can of half used wax on your face, so I stopped using it!
  5. I received a deluxe sample of this from Sephora with a cosmetics order, and quite frankly I have no idea what its purpose is. I have used it from time to time under my eyes or on my nose as a sort of makeup base, and it does not cause me to break out, but I don't see any real reason to use it. Save your money for something else. If you are looking for a makeup base/primer, check out Smashbox or Sephora...they both have great primers (essentially the same, just different brands). But I do love Benefit's Dandelion and Dallas blush/highlighters!
  6. I have really dry skin and use it when I fly as a base coat, but it does
    seem to build up quickly. It also works well on your feet if you have dry skin or rough areas.
  7. Thanks girls for your help ! I guess this probably wouldn't work out for me since I don't really have dry skin. I have combo oily skin, any other suggestions ?
  8. i have very sensitive combo oily skin. the only maeup so far that my skin can tolerate is LORAC which can be located at Sephora. she also makes a base primer too.
  9. Clarins "Beauty Flash Balm" is a great primer! I love it.
  10. i love the Biotherm make up base, i think it comes in three different types - instant lightening, instant whitening, and another which i can't remember.. it works great and has a sheeny appearance, looks great also on days when you're not wearing makeup, but u can put abit of the primer on too