Benefit cosmetics?

  1. Are they really worth the money, cxos personally spending £20 on an eyeshadow i have never tried kinda freaks me out. My sisters birthdays coming up and id like to get her something from the collection has anyone got any rated and recommended?
  2. Ask for a sample. I know they give them in the states. I would ask them and then try it. I love benefit!!!! it's great!
  3. Honestly, to me, Benefit is all about cute packaging (which sucks me in a lot) and that's it. The only product of theirs that I have ever liked (and I have tried a lot!) was Benetint (cheek and lip stains). Those are beautiful and look great on anyone.
  4. :yes: Yep, it's true. It's all about the packaging. Which has totally sucked me in as well. I have Dr. Feelgood, Dandelion (blush), Dallas (mini complete kit), benetint lip balm, two eye shadow kits and a concealer kit. (I really love their kits.) I would say dandelion really does work for me. I came out a bathroom one time after applying dandelion and this little girl (~8-10) said, "You look really pretty!) And you know little girls don't lie at that age. (Well, at least not about a stranger's appearance!)
    :p I agree benetint looks great on everyone. I usually the lip balm as a cheek stain to goo effect. Real simple magazine did say the BadGal Lash mascara was the best curling mascara they had tested. (I haven't tried that.) All in all, their products aren't bad, but they are pretty pricey for what they do.
  5. i love their bronzer but dont waste your money on eyecon!
  6. I agree, eye con isnt great, but the boi-ing consealer works very well on my dark circles!
  7. I wasn't particularly a huge fan of Benefit before 2 weeks ago...but now I've been singing the praises of their new LIP SILKY lip glosses! They're glosses in lipstick format. They're available at all Benefit boutiques and some department stores (i.e. Bloomie's), and I've heard that some shades are available online. The texture is very light and moist (but not sticky), and the coverage is sheer with just the right hint of color. Some have a hint of sparkle in them, others are just regular sheer glosses. I've bought 5 in the last 2 weeks. I highly recommend their lip silkys! ($16 USD each)

    I also recommend their High Beam highlighting liquid, which works on ALL skin tones. It's a shimmery pale pink liquid. You can wear it alone on contouring areas such as browline, cheekbones, vertical line of nose. Or, you can mix it into liquid foundation to give you a very subtle dewy and soft finish.
  8. yup I agree! some the worst ones for me are Dear John and that yellow powder....
  9. I bought Dr. Feelgood a few years ago and it was awful. I did, however, start using Some-Kind-A-Gorgeous (I think that's what it is) and it is fabulous. I don't use any kind of cover up with my foundation, but this stuff blends in well and is good for touch ups.
  10. ooh_la_lift

    These 2 products are the only ones I´ve bought from Benefit, I do love their packaging and names of products, but yes they promise more than what they actually do. I have tried their Hollywood Glow or smg that name and other tinted liquids , and I found better everytime in another brand.

    So I re-purchased Ooh la lift, just for the nice fresh feeling it gives on my dark lids, bc the results are not really there.
    But I really like the eye bright pencil, always nice on top or under concealer and it lasts super long, so cost effective.
  11. I love the blushes, Dallas and Dandelion are my fave!
    Whatever you do, don't buy from the UK!!!!! Buy online at, not, it works out so much cheaper!
  12. I like High beam for the brow bone. When it runs out I'll check out what MAC has to offer in its place.
  13. i like some of their products but I don't think I love anything enough to re-purchase..... I have eyebright liner and a mask (hi neighbor I think) which I enjoy. I hate badgal mascara it runs terribly on me! I'm not that impressed with the quality to be honest and they aren't exactly inexpensive.
  14. thanks for your replies girlies, dont they have some cool names for they're products!! how cute

    might go do some shopping now :smile:
  15. I personally only like Dallas, Dandelion and Benetint from this makeup line...and I used to work for them!! LOL