BENEFIT Cosmetics event at Macy's SF

  1. My SA, Rachael called me today to let me know that there's a gift with purchase event at the Benefit counter in Macy's Union Square (San Francisco). She said there would be haircare consultants and manicures! It's this weekend...but, I'll be in LA!!:sad: so I'm going to miss it!

    But, I thought I'd pass it on to you all! If your in the Bay Area and love FREE stuff (and who doesn't :yes:?!) you can go for me! And tell me what the goodie bag is!
  2. Oh sweet! I'm going downtown Sat :yahoo: Hopefully they'll still have stuff by the time I get down there. Thanks so much for the info :flowers:
  3. My pleasure! I hope it's fun...but, not TOO fun, since I can't go!:graucho: