Benefit 50% Off Sale Items

  1. free shipping over $60 wth code HFS60
  2. wow thanks!
  3. Use code BEAUTY17 for additional 17% off. Enjoy.
  4. Free shipping code HFS60 is dead. Use FRESHP65 for free shipping over $65. Does someone know if I can combine promotion codes? I tried to use BEAUTY17 and FRESHP65 but it deson't allow me to combine them......
  5. i dont think it allows you, but i could be wrong.
  6. I ordered recently from Benefit cosmetics online probably sometime in November and at that time you could not combine coupon codes. I had emailed them asking about that and got a response saying how their site at the current time would not let you do more than one code
  7. Thanks for posting! What a deal!
  8. All their cosmetics or just some?
  9. Ive learned that you cant combine codes, but it seems like I got a discount and a freebie. You have to put the freebie in your cart to get the freebie; they wont put it in there for you. I cant give you all the details on all of these, but heres what Ive found to get you started:

    FS45 Free ship over $45
    FREEBENE Free red sheer balm
    HIGHBROW Free high brow pencil
    HAUTE123 Free silver bag and gloss w/ purch over 85 (I think)

    Others that you can research further...sorry I didnt take good notes!

    They said they arent discontinuing those makeup
  10. hMM it doesn't work on the items i want (non-sale items):crybaby:
  11. Wow.Great Deal! Thanks for posting this!
  12. i just ordered Bad gal mascara kit, hope i like it
  13. i can't view their products! After i click on the top link, some how it just prompt me to order the catalog and offer to find the nearset store??