Benefit Cosmetics Anyone?

  1. Does anyone have any recs? I'm thinking of trying the Perfect 10 bronzer/highlighter, but wonderd if anyone has any recs for any items that they use and love?
  2. the only benefit product i use is the benetint. it's a great easy to use blush and lip tint. plus it stays put for hours.
  3. I've tried a few Benefit products but the only one I use continuously is [SIZE=-1]Dandelion (pink blush).
  4. Yes I would love to hear some reviews aswell as Im pretty keen to try their products.
    All I know is that their packaging is quite cute & kitsch, and their products are quite practicle.
    I too have heard great feedback on their lip/cheek tint!
  5. badgal lash is AMAZING!!! by far the best mascara i've ever used.
  6. Benefit are such an interesting brand for me. I adore a very small number of their products but often feel disappointed or even hate most of their products. I am a huge fan of Dr Feelgood and Lemon Aid, but the 'bad lash' mascara, a bronzer, high beam highlighter and some of the bath products have left me feeling 'bleh'. Am sure others will chip in with their experiences.
  7. I love the some kind a georgeous, hoola and bad gal lash. All other things couldn´t satisfy me. Lipcolours tasted very bad, khol and shadows wouldn´t stay on, care products have bad ingredients.... and the palettes always have the wrong colours for me.
  8. I was thinking of trying the 'some kinda gorgeous'. How do you find it for colour matching and staying power? I have somewhat oily skin, would it be suitable for me?
  9. I love Dr. Feelgood!
  10. I´ve got dry skin so I don´t know how it works on oily... It doesn´t "dry out" (?) more and I´ve got a powdered finish the whole day. And the colour is "adaptable"
    I can wear it in winter when I´m very pale and in summer when I´m tanned.

    Can you ask for a trial size on your counter? Sometimes they have...

    and a tip: wash out the sponge you use it with weekly! otherwise it begin to stink :push:
  11. I tried a few of there things...I thought the packaging was cute but that was about it.
    I use aveda for skin care. I recently tried some of there make up and was surprised as I liked it. Mac is alwasy a great choice.
  12. The only thing good about them is their packaging. I don't like any of their products. Every time I buy something, I dislike it. Good marketing though.
  13. im very interested in the get bent eyeliner brush....can't wait to try it out!!
  14. ^ITA :yes:

    I keep buying all the cutesy stuff hoping I'll like it and I NEVER do. :nogood:
  15. I tried their bad gal lash but didn't really like it that much, kept on decurling my lashes.