Benedict Cumberbatch

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  3. It was time for Ben to get his own thread here at tPF :happydance:

    What I really like about him is his attitude when it comes to his looks and name.

    It's obvious he's got loads of self confidence and that, on top of being smart and well educated, is something that makes him very attractive IMO.

    He caught my eye in this Marie Claire editorial






    0088e3da.png 0088d475.png
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  5. Scan of Marie Claire interview.


    I love what he said about style and dressing up

    ˝We only have a short time in life, so it's nice to cut a stride and have a bit of flair. I love dressing up in suits. Style is one of life's joys - it's something to be celebrated. ˝
  6. He looks so hot on those pix. Yummy!

  7. And it seems he doesn't mind if a woman eats.

    Both his exes are healthy natural looking ladies.

    According to his sister he wants a woman who stays at home and take care of the him and the kids but also very intelligent :

    " She tells The Sun: 'You would have to be a pretty smart cookie to keep up with him. I think that is possibly why he has trouble with girlfriends.

    'He is such a lot like Sherlock - he is quick-thinking like him, but not harsh. He's incredibly well read. In comparison to some he is quite an intellectual.' "

    "And she already knows the type of girl he needs to look out for: 'I think they would have to be someone not in the acting profession.

    'Someone who was happy to hold the fort while he went off and pursued his career.' "
  8. Stunning pictures. He looks hot. :graucho:

  9. He has right and he has great style.
  10. Those cheekbones..

  11. And I HAVE to add that is voice.......... ohhhhhhhh so so sexy!!! :faint::faint::faint:
  12. Agree on the pictures! So hot!!
  13. Yes!!!
  14. And he is even hotter IRL.
    I've seen him once in Venice and once in London.
  15. [​IMG]

    BTW , it's interesting that according to IMDB Michael is 1'83 while Ben is 1'84???

    No way that there is only 1 cm difference...

    But they are very hot both...