Bendy Girls - Yoga?

  1. I don't usually post in this section which probably says quite a lot about my current health and fitness, but I am about to embark on yoga for the first time at the ripe old age of 37. I have found a lovely, gentle and supportive teacher but I would love to hear from people who do/have done yoga - all stories welcome, but any from unfit, older, more curvy than they'd like to be sport-phobic, handbag loving members would be especially welcome!!
  2. ok, I do pilates, not yoga but I believe yoga is brilliant at all ages and fitness levels... just got hooked on pilates so I stuck with it - because i was a total sport-phobic, then went to the gym and quickly realised it wasnt' for me.... i think the good thing about yoga, pilates, ballet (my other love) is that once you are into it and know how to do the exercises well you can practice at home.

    it helped also to shift 8kg before pregnancy and lose all the preg weight afterwards, and it honestly is fun for me! just wanted to encourage you - it was a new 'life-feeling' as we say here!
  3. That's great to hear Lara and just what I need to motivate myself! I am a life long yoyo dieter who has periods of mad exercising, usually at the gym or in aerobics type classes, which I hate. This time I am determined to take it slowly and work at something I enjoy. I'll let you know if I manage it!
  4. You'll love yoga Sooky.
    Very relaxing for mind, body, and spirit. I do a combo of yoga and pilates on weekends when I don't hit the gym.
    There are some awesome dvd's out there that you can do in the privacy of your own home once you feel comfortable enough and have masterd the basics.
    Best of luck and "yay" for you and your step toward bettering your health.
  5. Miss Sooky yoga is amazing! I love it and lets just say I'm older than you! It can be suprisingly difficult at first because its so much slower than most exercise activities. I think its best to start once and twice a week and then build up to more. Its great for flexibility and mental relaxation.
  6. Yoga is fantastic! Even my FIL with two replaced hips goes. It really helps his back. And mine for that matter. Just don't over do it. Always listen to your body and breathe!!
  7. miss sooky - try to break the yoyo diet cycle - it is just too bad on you, and so hard to maintain. take it slow - before pregnancy it took me about 6 months to lose 8 kg but when I had lost them they stayed off for about 2 years until I got preggo. now it stays off of course - just too much running around.

    yoga and/or pilates lengthen your muscles which is far more flattering than running legs that tend to look bulky, at least on me. swimming is also great!
  8. i love yoga -- i am a little more partial to pilates, though!

    .. but i love the way yoga makes u feel and how it streches your body! .. if you're really up for a challenge try bickram's yoga! -- that will kick your @ss! .. it's like an hour to an hour of a half of yoga in a 90degree+ room! u sweat out all the toxins .. and although u feel so utterly drained after class - the first few times .. it's one of the best workouts i've had! .. [ if u can get past all the sweaty bodies being a room with u .. then it's worth a shot! ]
  9. I love yoga! I found that it made me stronger and more tone - especially in the arms. Before doing yoga, I could not do one push up on my toes! After a couple of months, I could do the push up in between up dog and downward facing dog with no problems. Plus you feel so good afterwards! Highly recommended! :yes: