Bending the rules at Hermes

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  1. I recently read that a woman exchanged a bag at Hermes that she had bought a couple of months ago.When I asked at the Vancouver Boutique about this situation they said that the customer said that she hadn't used it and it passes their very strict inspection. On behalf of other customers shopping for only the best in Bags.....don't use the bag and try to return it saying you hadn't used it and then brag about it on the internet!

    Sounds like the girl really tried to make you happy and sadly it makes the vast majority of us cringe.

    I own several Hermes bags and love them all and I would NEVER return something I used!
  2. i agree. i would never ever ever return something i used.
  3. Thank You!
    I was hoping someone would back me up!
    The SA at the boutique is also my SA and she's awsome but after I spoke with her she said that was the first and last time that they would do that for a customer.. so really it just wrecks it for the rest of us!
  4. Before I begin, I hope this thread remains cordial and does not become a member bashing thread.

    bling beauty, you are not alone in your opinion about this. I would be very unhappy if I find out that the H bag I just bought (with lots of $$) had been in someone else's possession, and used, and then returned.

    I personally think that the 7 days' return policy needs to be tightened. It IS good that an incident like this is made public on a forum. Because good customers like you, can go back to your respective stores and give your feedback, thereby alerting your SAs/stores to step up.

    More about rejects and returns .... over time, I have come to appreciate why some members here only insist on viewing bags in boxes that are still shrinkwrapped. I explicitly told my SA that, and she has since stopped removing the shrinkwrap until I get to the store.
  5. wow, weird coincidence that you joined up almost simultaneously with that whole incident.

    while i would not tell an SA that something was unused if i had used it, and i would not return something i HAD used, it seems to me that your telling the SA the truth about the matter was the only thing that wrecked it for anyone, since that SA had happily accepted the exchange without a second thought. this only matters if you are hoping to return things well past their purchase date in the future. but, the good news is it only wrecked them not accepting returns past the cut-off date (it's a week or 10 days i believe), and that ought to be sufficient time to decide about a bag anyway (without using it outside, etc.).

    i am not comfortable that you took information posted here and reported it to your store.

    i just wanted to add that it is of course deceptive to return a bag that has been used, but i think that is probably more the exception than the rule as far as typical practice. it didn't strike paranoia in my heart.
  6. I'm not sure of what situation this is referring to. I'm confused.
  7. i understand where you're coming from but honestly would you want to purchase a bag that someone else had used? from hermes or anywhere? i don't necessarily think it was the op's place to call the store but then again that bag was going to be sold to someone else as new and it had been used. kwim?

    japster- i pmed you.
  8. I would absolutely never return something I had used.
  9. wellllllll, in a perfect world used bags wouldn't be presented as unused when returning them, and hermes would simply and strictly honor their own established policy, printed on the receipt.
    but forum members need to consider a certain unstated honor system, and not tattle. she, along with anyone else on this forum, would already know that the bag in question is pre-owned and would avoid buying it. i don't know if the SA is going to remove the bag based on the word of another customer. plus, there are members here who do not like tPf being mentioned in boutiques, so i wonder how exactly it was all handled.
    plus, i don't see what telling the SA accomplished at all, besides definitely hurting this particular customer who did the return. anyone can exchange their bag within 7 days, and they can surely use that bag all they want if they don't get any visible signs of use on the bag, before returning it to the store for another bag. a person can take a bag out more times in one week than the one in question probably did in whatever the length of time was, a month or so?
  10. I would never dare to do that with anything i purchased. saying that, i also do not feel comfortable that the info from this board was brought to the store openly that way. especially to the extend you even know who the SA is for that particular tpf member. I am just worry if she may get blacklisted. :sad:

  11. 100% AGREE.
  12. i'm glad you phrased it this way, because it just occurred to me that we don't know if the member said it was unused, or if the SA even asked, at the point of exchange.

    i would not return something i had used either.
    i also would not share any info gained on tPf with an SA.
  13. I did not realize the bag was used. To return a used bag, that I would not ever do, personally.

    I though it was just the wrong size...I may have just skimmed that part of the thread. I thought it was just a matter that so much time had passed that made it an unusual return situation....

    This whole matter makes me very uncomfortable, I agree with MrsS that I hope this can remain cordial to all involved.

    I dont know how I would feel if it was my SA that was involved, but it would definitely be a difficult situation to have that information, as I am sure was felt acutely by the OP of this thread...

    but as HHeels said, in that 7 days a bag can have a bit of use and still be returned, no questions asked if it is still in new condition... the same time I cannot say what the bag owners intent was in this regard, nor do I know the extent of the use of the bag...

    It is definitely an uncomfortable sitation for the OP, the bag owner, and some of at the PF who wish that what happens on the PF can stay on the PF....

    I really do feel badly that this has transpired.
  14. cobalty - we know it went to dimsum. that's way too much use to return it, in my book.
  15. i agree that i would also never share something on here with an SA. there have been times, talking to SAs where I've almost said "I saw it on tpf" but managed to stop myself. yesterday when I was getting my Massai I told my SA i saw a pic of CBK wearing a black one and it almost popped out but i swallowed it. lol. i think it's hard when we're here all the time. and truly i don't think tpf matters to SAs. it's not like they're going to take their time when they're off and see what we say. i could be wrong but i personally doubt it. then again i understand the issues involved and respect them.

    this is a devil's advocate question: while i understand the need and desire for privacy if someone chooses to post something on here that's unethical and will potentially damage someone else (ie someone buying the bag that was returned as unused but was) who are we trying to protect? the tpfer or the potential new buyer or even the store? am i explaining this right? i understand that we tpfers know a certain situation if it's posted on the board but what about the myriad of other customers that shop in that store and have no idea? this could be for any brand....
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