Bender Ball?

  1. What do you all think of the Bender Ball?

    Bender Ball :: Official Website

    It's inexpensive, but will it work? Thoughts?
  2. I'm curious, too! Has anyone tried it?
  3. I kept saying I was going to get this but really I think that you can do a lot of the same exercises with a Bosu. Of course the Bosu is 10 times more so maybe I will just give the Bender a shot!!
  4. I'm deeply curious about the results, as well. I want to try it, but not before I've heard anything.
  5. I plan on buying this once I pop my baby out! hahaha I'll letcha know around September. But really, would love to hear anyone else who's tried this too!
  6. What I really want to get now is the Fluidity Bar, but it's pretty pricey.
  7. haha i was watching the commercial for the bender ball and my brother shouts "i need that!" haha..

    someone should try it,, i would.. but im way too lazy to work out.
  8. I don't know what's keeping me from buying this....

    I want it but just can't quite get my mind there to order it.

    I went to the website today ~ a few extra dollars for DVD over VHS. And then you have to pay extra for 3-5 day delivery.

    I was wondering ~ does the ball arrive inflated? Or is it filled with air or other type of material?

    I'm so close to ordering it and then my mind starts thinking I could just go buy some type of ball at a local sports store.
  9. The bosu is awesome! I use it at my gym and I think it really helps on my crunches. I've always wanted to get this, but when I hear that first chick say 'Yes I love my abs I love my abdominals' it makes me change the channel lol I somehow find her so annoying! Do they have this in stores though. I thought I saw something similar at walmart for <20$ so I think I'm gonna try that!
  10. btw try to go to infomercial before you buy stuff off the television!
  11. I haven't seen the infomercial for the Fluidity bar - I just looked it up! It looks awesome! I'm wondering if my old ballet beam would work, but I think it's a little too high....