bend it like bequia grimaud

  1. my new LE mini grimaud bequia from the FW 07/08 men's collection straight from Waikiki. Soft velvety chocolate leather. Dazzling silver hardware. Any suggestions on where I can use this? I had to have it when I saw it on the runway.
    mini bequia grimaud.JPG bend it.JPG buckle detail.JPG interior.JPG louis v.JPG
  2. whoa that bag is stunning! Congrats!
  3. more pictures
    feet.JPG side view.JPG tags.JPG grimaud runway.jpg grim soana carryall.JPG
  4. I love runway items.

    How much was the bag?
  5. $2380. not too bad for a relatively large bag considering some women's mono runway cost more.
  6. It's a cute bag! Congrats!
  7. WOW I LoVe it's the anthracite right? it and it looks so hot with you'r Maroon Fonce Sacoche GM:drool:
  8. congrats! :tup: looks like a good size for everyday use. is it easy to get in and out of?
  9. lovely bag. but i like the sacoche better.
    i just ordered mine before summer was over in MM.
    Hopefully i wont want the GM
    but those longer straps are soo attractive.
  10. HOT bag!
  11. Yes accessibility is not a problem as long as you don't bind the handles together. :smile:
  12. yes the soana is a really super hot bag. I use it everyday.
  13. I think it is anthracite from the paper tag "ANT" at the end. I had no idea what color it was when I waitlisted for it. I never saw it IRL before just in magazines. Waikiki told me it was dark brown. I am glad its anthracite because that is what I wanted. :smile:
  14. Congrats - it is a beautiful bag:yahoo:
  15. its GORGEOUS! I LOVE IT!