Ben and Jen at the Red Sox game

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  1. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, die-hard fans of the Boston Red Sox, watched yesterday’s game at Fenway Park in the owner’s box.
    The two of them stood up and took a long stretch during the seventh inning stretch.

    I think they're such a cute couple!

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  2. Two more pics

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  3. I want to go to a Red Sox game!!!! Although I've never really seen the Jen Garner appeal. I haven't seen enough of her work to appreciate her as an actress I suppose.
  4. They look so down-to-earth here...very cute.
  5. They look so cute together!
  6. so cute!! they're great couple!!
  7. They look cute together and seem so down to earth.
  8. there great together :smile:
  9. They definitely look great together but there's something about her that really bugs me.
  10. I absolutely love them together!!!
  11. They're great couple!!
  12. :shrugs:
  13. LOVE her!! She looks like she's being very grcious to some fans as well.
    I like her a lot, I like how her manners are always impeccable and her smile is always big and genuine.
    I like Southern peeps anyhow, but she seems like a sweetheart to me.
  14. the two of them looks like real and normal people who are in love, not all staged up.
  15. Family life obviously agrees with the two of them. They are both so gorgeous. Even though I'm not a Red Sox fan, I love that they are such big fans.