Belvedere vs. Grand Bleu Opinions

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  1. I have the regular size Ambassade and find it too big to carry if not heading into the office. So I'm looking to purchase a small cross body city bag for travel around town (carrying cell phone, keys, sunglasses, compact camera, and small sketch journal).

    Between the Belvedere and Grand Bleu which do you prefer and why? What are the main differences between the two and for the items above, what size would you recommend (mm vs gm).

    Thank you fellow Goyard fans and collectors!
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    I have both Belvedere and Grand Bleu, in GM size cos I am obsessed with big bags.

    For your purposes, I would think that MM size should be good enough. Grand Bleu in GM is huge and boxy. So, if you find Ambassade too big, Grand Bleu GM size will definitely be too big for you.

    Grand Bleu

    Pros: The leather used is "wrinkled" and softer. Closure at buckle is easier to manage as leather used is softer. The shoulder strap also uses the same canvas / leather material of body.

    Cons: Design might be too boxy and wide for some, and as compared to Belvedere, in my opinion, it is less chic looking.


    Pros: Chic design. Easier to carry, be it shoulder or cross body strap.

    Cons: As someone has commented about the buckle strap (see link below), I find it quite a pain to slip through the buckle without causing wrinkle to the leather. Also, they have changed the shoulder strap of GM to a wider / harder version which is easily prone to wrinkle / crisp.

    Hope the above helps.

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  3. Thank you so much for the comparison and the info you provided definitely pushes me to the Belvedere.

    I won't mind the buckle straps/leather crinkling since it deters pickpocketing a bit more than a simple snap opening. Like you said- it's a true saddle bag!

    Totally agree that the Belvedere is a more refined looking (your comparison picture helps a lot).

    Couple of questions- just to confirm, the strap for the Belvedere is all leather compared to the leather/canvas combo on the Grand Bleu? If so, is it attached by a removable metal clasp (like the Ambassade?) or permanently attached?

    Super helpful reply- thank you thank you!!!


  4. Yes. Strap for Belvedere is full leather and its removable as it is slipped through the leather loops around the bag. The PM/MM size has much thinner strap.
  5. Awesome! Thank you for all the details!
  6. I like the Grand Bleu much better. The square shape is more masculine.
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