Belvedere II measurement?

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  1. Thank you
  2. Haha just to say that I saw it in real life just days ago and yes MM is huge! Gonna eat my words and aim for a PM instead. Still deciding if I want a Bellechasse or Belverdere II more.

    Have you worn yours with jeans? I am so worried about colour transfer
  3. Yes I have but make sure it’s not a brand new, unwashed jeans or any dark colored clothing.

    (My son used a black brand new, straight fr the store jeans while we were in New York, and his brand new red Goyard wallet had color transfer. The white stitching had turned black on some parts. This also happened to my off white Alma LV. I wore a brand new black dress and I had color transfer on it.)
  4. Hi Everyone,
    I have been wanting the original Belvedere since last year but could never find stock in the black and black which is the one I wanted. I was just in Paris and again all colours were sold out at the St Honoré location but the SA was very sweet and looked for one for me but could only find a white in the larger version so I had to turn it down. He said they hadn’t had any stock for 2 weeks and they weren’t getting any more deliveries for the time I was there.

    The next day I decided to try my luck at Printemps and to my surprise she said they had it in all colours and in my black black preferred combo! She went to look for it and came back empty handed discovering that it was on hold until tomorrow for another client. So I decided to look at the navy and grey since I was determined to buy it after 3 trips to Europe and 1 year of searching for this bag. I ended up getting the navy and I love it! Super practical, lightweight and cute! Though I think the closure on the original was cuter the new version is def more practical to open and close daily.

    Here’s some pics:

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  5. Congrats in getting the gorgeous piece! The navy blue is more special than the black. :smile:
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  6. Just got the PM Belvedere 2 in white but was curious if everyone's front strap closure creases pretty much immediately?
    I know it will happen over time cos you have to lift it out of the metal loop to get in and out but didn't expect it to have the crease on the front right after the first time of opening the bag out of the package lol!

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  7. And just curious...anyone have a belvedere (original) next to the belvedere 2 ones...wonder how it's different size dimensions options wise and how else it's different on the exterior/strap and interior changed too...

    Or even if the canvas has changed or updated over the years to be more durable etc
  8. mine looks like this. used it for 2 weeks now.
  9. Thanks for replying back ❤️
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  10. My grey Belvedere mm looks like this. I’ve had it for 1.5 years. I love your bag! I am looking for that one exactly. If it isn’t too much trouble would you mind posting a picture of it? Thank you!
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