Belvedere II measurement?

  1. Dear lovely ladies,
    Since goyard announced the arrival of Belvedere II which is the updated version of the discontinued Belvedere i was so thrilled. I'll have a friend who will visit Paris next month, so i emailed to Goyard Paris inquiring measurement of PM and MM size and price. They flatly replied that due to limited availability, i need to actually go to the store myself. There's no Goyard in my country so i have no way to acquire such informations.
    Have any of you have any info more than that provided in Instagram and Goyard website would be extremely appreiated.
  2. I cannot help you with the price, but I do know that
    MM size is 26cm x 23cm x 7cm,
    PM 20cm x 18cm x 6cm
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  3. Thank you so much!!! This is so much needed. At first i was totally into PM size dur to smaller bag trend but now my stuff fits nicely to Celine nano luggage and LV Pochertte Metis. Due to its narrow bottom, i afraid MM would fit more to my life style but it wouldn’t look pretty if it’s bulky. Any suggestions which one to get? PM or MM?
  4. i will definitely go for MM, PM just seems too small to be of good use. I tend to bring a lot out, so MM is definitely my size to go for
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