Belvedere II measurement?

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  1. Dear lovely ladies,
    Since goyard announced the arrival of Belvedere II which is the updated version of the discontinued Belvedere i was so thrilled. I'll have a friend who will visit Paris next month, so i emailed to Goyard Paris inquiring measurement of PM and MM size and price. They flatly replied that due to limited availability, i need to actually go to the store myself. There's no Goyard in my country so i have no way to acquire such informations.
    Have any of you have any info more than that provided in Instagram and Goyard website would be extremely appreiated.
  2. I cannot help you with the price, but I do know that
    MM size is 26cm x 23cm x 7cm,
    PM 20cm x 18cm x 6cm
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  3. Thank you so much!!! This is so much needed. At first i was totally into PM size dur to smaller bag trend but now my stuff fits nicely to Celine nano luggage and LV Pochertte Metis. Due to its narrow bottom, i afraid MM would fit more to my life style but it wouldn’t look pretty if it’s bulky. Any suggestions which one to get? PM or MM?
  4. i will definitely go for MM, PM just seems too small to be of good use. I tend to bring a lot out, so MM is definitely my size to go for
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  5. I was in New York mid June and was fortunate to preorder the small size $2,825.00. They didn’t have a larger size in Belvedere II but they had the Belvedere pm and it is HUGE! I wanted a grey one but they said it could take up to 6-7 months or longer or none at all but a red one’s schedule to arrive at their store in a week so if I wanted it, I could have it. So I did and 2 weeks later it arrived! I love it! It’s a perfect cross body bag! IMG_0233.jpg IMG_0298.jpg IMG_0248.jpg
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  6. Sorry I meant the mm was HUGE!
  7. thank you thank you! I found your post after i post this thread and i literally was dying for the small one. Last week my friend checked with Goyard London and Paris for the small size for me but they only have a few MM which are too big for my taste.
    PM is perfect for everyday use.thank you again for sharing what’s in my bag pics for that helps me a tons to decide to pull the trigger on the PM size.
    I live in Thailand and we don’t have Goyard yet so it’s likely that i’ll need to wait for it for quite some time
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  8. Glad I could help. Oh ya the mm was really big and not too fashionable. I’m not even kidding lol. I think it matches the guys more. To me it has a masculine feel. Also, u can slide the strap off and use it as a clutch. Yup it’s really the perfect size and also light weight. The width of the strap is also good. Not too wide yet not too thin that it digs into ur skin (shoulder).
  9. Is there still as slip pocket in the back of the purse? Does an iPhone drop in the pocket easily?
  10. Yes there is. My iPhone 8+ drops in easily. There’s also a slip pocket inside & 2 pockets opposite side interior so total of 4 pockets (1 outside and 3 inside)
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  11. I have the pm size in green. In my opinion the pm size is much more feminine and is really spacious! I love it!!! I think I paid 1880 euros for it and am still waiting for the vat refund.
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  12. Wow! That is way less than what I paid for in New York if I’m converting it correctly.
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  13. I know. I was shocked at the price in Milan
  14. Hi I just saw the Belvedere 2 in London and I fel in love but I forget to check if there was a compartment with a zipper in it can someone help me please?im planing to order from France
  15. Hi. No it does not have any zipper compartment inside. There’s a slip pocket and 2 smaller pockets inside. There’s also a slip pocket back outside. IMG_0876.jpg IMG_0875.jpg
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