Belvedere for men ?


Oct 19, 2010
Hello everyone !

I know there's already a cross-body style for men called Grand Bleu but i don't like it at all.

The Belvedere is kinda uncommon and I've absolutely never seen it on a men.

Is there any boy here who rocks a Belvedere and could share a mod pic ?

And what do you guys would think about a Belvedere GM (around 35cm large) on a man ? I'm considering it in navy or grey.


Aug 15, 2015
I carry Belvedere GM in navy. Let me do a mod shot for you this weekend. :smile:

Before you get Belvedere, you might want to check out this thread that I compare Belvedere vs Grand Bleu:

In short --> depends what you prioritise: look vs practicality. To date, i am still quite annoyed by Belvedere's buckle design and I just leave the straps unbuckled (and flapping around) most of the times.....which definitely isnt that cool....:P