Belvedere 2 Reveal ❤️[emoji16][emoji39]

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  1. I just got back from a trip to France with family and I’m so happy that I had a chance to visit the Goyard store on 233 Rue Saint Honore. I decided to purchase a Belvedere 2 MM in jaune and a luggage tag in bleu marine.

    It was my first time to visit Paris and it is such a beautiful city. The France price plus the VAT tax refund definitely made it worth the trip.

    IMG_7283.JPG IMG_7284.JPG
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  2. Beautiful!!! Do you know what the belvedere inventory was like at that location? I'm trying to decide whether to take a weekend trip to Paris (since I'll be in Toulouse for work), but the store won't provide inventory info over the phone.
  3. Thank you. I did not specifically ask their inventory on the Belvedere 2. I went to the store to look at their bag styles since I’m not familiar with the current styles. I was drawn to the Rouette and the Belvedere 2 MM and, ended up with this one. I didn’t get an impression that inventory was limited from the SA that was helping me since she was bringing out whatever I wanted to look at.

    I hope you get your Belvedere 2 on your upcoming trip. The staff were very accommodating and helpful.

    On a side note, my mom and I noticed that the staff at the stores were so hospitable. We went to Louis Vuitton afterwards and, although they were busy with clients, they were so nice and even served us champagne. It’s so different from our experience in the US stores.

    Good luck!
  4. That's super helpful, thank you! Did you ask to see multiple colors of the Belvedere or did you specifically ask for the yellow?
  5. If you can, please share the pricing with us!
    I'm off to Paris later this month and definitely may be coming back with the Belvedere 2 at hand.
  6. Initially, I had asked to see various colors since I didn’t know what I wanted but the SA referred me to a chain set of Goyardine colors available for the Belvedere 2 which was pretty much all their colors. She didn’t tell me if any colors were unavailable. I was drawn to see the yellow and ended up liking it. I’ve never had a yellow bag. I usually like neutrals and blues but I thought that this shade of yellow worked on the Belvedere 2 style.
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  7. The Belvedere 2 MM in jaune was priced at €2,105 including VAT as of April, 2019.
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  8. Does anyone know the price of the Belvedere 2 PM in Euros?
  9. I do have to say that the yellow canvas is beautiful!
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