Belvedere 2 - is this defect or not?

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  1. Hi all,

    I got this black/black belvedere lately, and as soon as I received the bag I found this little bump on the surface of the back side.
    It looks like a little bump size of a pimple.
    Is this a defective one?
    I emailed and called the Goyard SA to ask about it but he never replied....

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  2. Did you use paid authenticator service for this?
  3. I don’t need to. I bought this directly from Goyard in Neiman Marcus.
  4. I would ask for an exchange.
  5. Then you must exchange it immediately
    Brand new I expect pristine conditions
  6. The problem is that the SA is not replying to any of my emails or phone calls. I am few hours away from the store and need to exchange it via mail. The SA is simply ignoring me....
  7. Cantnyou write directly to Neiman Marcus customer service and ask them to adress the situation to the manager? I would do that if I feel they are ignoring me.
  8. I would definitely escalate the issue and talk to a manager.

  9. I had that same problem with my Belvedere 2 in Black/Tan, that I purchased in New York on March 2019.
    I didn't notice it until I got back home to California, where I was taking some photography and noticed an unsightly bump on the front flap canvas.
    The picture below shows like a speck of dust on the left side flap.


    Below you may be able to see that a small area seems to be that the canvas is not "Flat" and that there is an unpainted surface that is very small. Looks like hair or the material is coming out.

    Unfortunately, I definitely wanted to return this. I had it for about a week, and I had literally barely worn it for an hour before I noticed this defect. I went to a Goyard location to return or exchange it, and they told me it had to be pristine and unworn for that to happen. So I'm not really sure if I can stand behind Goyard after this blip of quality.
    I do love their colors and brand, but next time I will definitely inspect my purchase carefully.
  10. They should have exchanged it for you. It’s clearly a defect, not due to you wearing the bag.
  11. The strange thing is when I went to my home Goyard boutique, they looked at my receipt and they didn’t really look at the bag. They went ahead processed an exchange and I was able to purchased a different bag and paid the difference.
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