1. can anyone inspire me to buy a belt? I hate wearing belts, but I really need to as even pants that fit me tend to gap in the back, and the bending-over-to-see-my-neon-orange-cosabella-g-string is too trashy to tolerate. :lol:
    neutral colors are preferred. I was thinking about this moschino belt (I love the flower):

    and debating whether this JC belt in a dark color would be tacky or somewhat cute:

    so has anyone seen any cute belts lately? since this is an accessory that I don't care about too much, I'm unwilling to spend more than $100 on one (unless it's the Hermes H belt), so LV is out.
    what would be perfect is a thin black/other neutral color belt with a non-metallic buckle. like a plastic or ebony buckle. I don't like big metal belt buckles.