1. I want to upgrade my belts... Can you recommend your favorite brand for belts? Have you bought any recently and if so, what and where?
  2. i just loove gucci belts..i match them with my bags..
    i like D&G is well..
  3. I love my fendi belt...I am feening on a ferragamo bow belt. YSL has some really nice ones as well. Forever 21 has the cutest belts too now that I think about it.
  4. I like my Louis Vuitton Monogram belts - I feel they are neutral and go with many things.
  5. i got the cutest skinny black patent belt from.... AMERICAN EAGLE for $7!!!!!! Of all places! It's real leather too :smile:
  6. Man I just wish I could WEAR belts! With my jeans so low cut and my hips so rediculously wide compared to my waist, I've never figured out how to wear them! Good luck on your search!
  7. Vuitton belts.
  8. Fendi B belt.

    & Gucci classic GG-buckle belt.

    courtesy from google images...
  9. that fendi belt look yummy..
  10. I love bvlgari belts they are real simple but elegant like a classic piece of jewelry... D & G and Michael Kors have some really nice ones as well.
  11. I bought a really nice one from Free People. Dark brown leather with a greenish dragonfly in the middle. It goes with everything!