1. Hi all,

    Need suggestions....I badly need a belt...the jeans are starting to sag by the end of the day (if I go a size smaller they are toooo small and I've got to do lunges lol).

    I need something that will go up to a 32 (I'm currently a 30-31 in lowrise jeans).
    I would prefer black or dark brown (goes with everything). I would preferably like to get something that the buckle doesn't really stick out too far...I like to wear longer shirts that hug and I don't want the 'belt bulge'
    I also want leather...something that is going to last a long long time.

    Would love to hear opinions!
  2. Are you looking for a plain belt, one with a big buckle, logos? Gucci has some nice plain leather ones but there is a big logo clasp
  3. Check out the Hermes H belt - it's reversible too and the buckle is not thick and bulky.
  4. Logos are fine...wanted to avoid a big buckle though (I hate when the shirt bulges out because of a big buckle...and I don't tuck t-shirts, etc. in)

    thanks Tod...I'll check that out :smile:
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