1. Hey all,

    Do you own any H belts?? If you do, could you post pics and prices? I'm looking into getting one.. but I'm confused because there are so many different ones... so many that I don't know what I want! :confused1:

    Please enlighten me!! ;)
  2. Hmmm, let me see. I can tell you what I own and what I think their approximate US prices are since I don't have them in front of me.

    Etriviere 1-1/2 inch black cuir a bride with palladium hardware $650?
    Etrievire double tour black cuir a bride with palladium $750?
    Etriviere double tour natural cuir a bride with palladium $750?
    5328 "H" belt black box/gold clemence/brushed palladium $450
    Mirage white epsom/natural chamonix/brushed palladium $480?
    Piano chocolate courchevel/gold hardware (so old, I can't remember the price)
    Two Pontes natural sable/ebene barenia/gold hardware $650?
    Kimono belt black chamonix/natural chamonix/palladium hardware with black 24 Faubourg twilly $650?
    Next belt black clemence/palladium hardware $1250
    Western type belt natural chamonix/gold hardware (discontinued and so old I can't remember the price)
    Kelly belt black box/gold hardware (discontinued)
    CDC belt gold porc/gold hardware (skin no longer available and would be around $1275 today)
    CDC black box/gold hardware $1275 today
  3. I just got my black and gold H belt the other week. It is with hammered palladium. After tax it was 570ish

  4. hermesgroupie: this is phenomenal!! I like the typical H belts.. Which combinations do they come in?
  5. FleurDeLis: Is that the gold togo/black box mix? Will there be any jean colour transfer on the lighter colour?
  6. I'm looking at one similar to above, but with a matt surface. I think it's really clever the way they make it reversible without leaving a mark on the leather. The one I'm looking at is natural colour with white on the other side.
  7. Vogue
    It is black box, gold togo . . . . good eye
    I have not worn it yet so I do not know about color transfer, but I would not think so
  8. Good question vogue, I've been looking into getting a belt as well. Fleur, I like your hammered palladium belt!

    HG, whew! what a belt collection! :tup:
  9. FleurDeLis: Not bad for a new comer, eh?

    They've got one in white (epsom??) and I quite like it.. but I don't know if colour transfer is gonna be a problem.. Will Hermes be able to restore it to its orginal state in cases of colour transfer??
  10. I would love to know the color transfer issue, too!
    I recently purchased White/Black Epsom belt, but I also have a Orange Togo/Black Box,so I only use black box, not black epsom, which makes White epsom face/rub my jeans....
  11. The white epsom belt.. is the other side black box?
  12. I have 2 H belts. I have the Mini Constance which is the narrower belt, black box on one side and gold togo on the other with a silver H buckle.
    The other one is just the wider H belt Rouge H box on one side and black box on the other, also with a silver buckle.
    The prices were approximately $475.00 for the mini constance and $570.00 for the H belt both bought last year.
    Sorry i don't have pics!
  13. HG, what does the kimono belt look like? Do you have a picture? How is it worn with the twilly?
  14. Vogue, the white epsoms I've seen have been lined in natural chamonix. White is always a concern with color transfer, especially with dark jeans.
  15. It's about 2 inches wide with holes at either end of the belt. The belt is closed by looping the twilly through the holes and tying it.