Belts with Skinny Jeans: A Do or Dont?


What kind of a Belt will help or should I just return the jeans?

  1. Yes, you can definitely rock the skinnies with a belt. My suggestion is...

  2. Nope, its either @$$ crack city or you'd better return those jeans

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  1. I just found a really cute pair of black J Brand skinny jeans with contrast stitching. I love how the semi stretchy material hugs my legs and calves...except the waist is too big! They didnt have my usual size in stock so I found it in a size bigger. This was the only pair I could find so they didn't even have a size smaller to try on.

    The waist is big enough that I feel self conscious when I sit. It's maybe a couple of inches loose in total. I definitely do not want to sport a Plumbers Crack.

    Will a belt help this problem or should I just return the jeans? If a belt will work, what kind of belt?? :confused1:
  2. i would suggest having a tailor take the waist in - i do it all the time
  3. #1) Skinnys with belt and without...
    #2) Skinny with belt

    I think without a belt is a more casual look, adding a belt makes it much more of a "statement" than without. I go for the belted look any day!
    beltted.jpg belt.jpg
  4. ^^ I think both of those looks are really cute. The first one is a little more hip while the second one is more ladylike.

    To the OP: I agree with the tailor idea.
  5. I would say no.. if you put abig belt on skinny jeans then it will make your hip area look very thick and bulgy (sp?). The ideas that lolitakali suggested are cute, but I think Coach Superfan is talking about wearing a belt with skinny jeans the way a man would wear a belt... in the belt loops right? Well thats my understanding... I would agree to get them tailored that would be the best solution.
    But if you really want to wear them right away I would suggest a very thin/skinny belt... thats a bright color, maybe a patent red or a metalic of some sort to make it pop a little over the black... that would be cute. IMO
  6. hfxshopgirl - i've never thought of that! hmm, i'll have to look into it. thanks!

    lolitacali - that does look cute! but i do need something to keep my pants up ;)

    Couture Dreams thats such a good idea! Bright colors sound good...

    Thanks for your input! I'll have to decide what's actually feasible.

    Anyone else with good ideas?
  7. I don't think a belt (in the belt loops) will work because you'll get a lumpy effect with the waist area bunching up due to the belt trying to hold it in. Then you could never wear anything over it, due to the lumps, and you couldn't even wear anything tucked in cause it would look weird. The only way would be to wear a jacket which is really limiting your options.
  8. good tailor can take in the waist and the seams near the tailbone area (if necessary) to make it fit perfectly.

  9. Agreed, depending on how big the pants actually are. A belt in the belt loops would only word if the pants were just big enough that they fit alright but loose enough that your crack shows when you sit. Not if you are like a size 24 and the pants are in a size 28 or whatever....
  10. ...very true. i better try them on once more to see if havin a tailor alter them could work out... Thanks! very good insight, everyone! :tup:
  11. I think if you want to do a belt through the belt loops, a skinny belt or a chain belt will look great.
    skinnyJeans.jpg sienna.jpg chaing.jpg chain.jpg
  12. ^^ the jeans I bought fit like the pic in the middle. the rise is low, so if i sit, it'll definitely reveal more than I want! i'll try it with a skinny belt. thanks for finding these examples!
  13. Wear a skinny belt!, I'll post pictures of myself later wearing one with skinny jeans =]
  14. ^^ Oooh! Please do! TIA~
  15. ^ Good for you! :lol:

    My response was going to be: Wear a belt, no one wants to see your crack. Sorry, this is just a pet peeve of mine. I haaaate seeing butt crack everytime I leave my house. This trend needs to STOP!

    I have one pair of skinnies that absolutely requires a belt, so I just wear the flattest belt possible so it doesn't stick up, and a long top. That way no one even knows the belt is there and the pants stay up. It's a win-win situation!