Belts - Skimp or Splurge?

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  1. Do you splurge on belts?

    For me, I get high street ones from Topshop etc if I'm wearing them with jeans/trousers, but I'm wondering what are your opinions on splurging on belts that you wear with dresses or use to cinch your waist, where the belt kind of pulls together the whole look? I'm tempted to splurge on a good quality one as they seem to be the focus of the look.
  2. Skimp if it is a trendy piece - Splurge if you are going to wear it all the time. Make sure any leather is of high quality and won't split with wear. Check to see if the leather is sewn together rather than glued.
  3. I almost never wear belts. This one is a skimp for me!
  4. I wear belts a lot, but not sure what you mean by "splurge" for me spending $50 bucks on a belt is a splurge... LOL
  5. I don't own a belt, so, I guess it's a skimp. I have never, ever had the problem of the waist not fitting me, so I think I'll never need one (my legs are super thin in comparison to my hips)
  6. Splurge! I think it's necessary to have a couple of 'staple belts'. ;) Maybe not an all out splurge like a Hermes belt, but just a good solid Coach.
  7. I generally skimp, but I did buy a reversible Hermes black/orange one which I love... I need to get more holes punched in it, but my intention was always to wear it was a waist cinching/outfit making kinda belt. :smile:
  8. definitely skimp because i hardly ever wear belts and when i do, my clothes are covering it anyways. i can't find belts small enough to fit my waist anyways so i wouldn't be able to spend hundreds on a belt that i still have to punch holes into- i'd feel so guilty ruining it!
  9. Same here, though I want to change that. I find the whole belt thing a bit overwhelming.
  10. Splurge on a good leather belt. i wear a small size in jeans, and most designers make the waist, and thighs a little bit big, so even if they are in my size, i will always have to use a belt. always.

    anything with studs, or something really trendy is a SKIP. i like my plain leather belts.
  11. I wear belts all the time, but I don't splurge on them. They're cheap belts; fine by me.
  12. Skimp.
  13. Skimp.. I only wear belts occasionally.
  14. Skimp.
  15. Skimp. But on high quality belts :smile: I have two LP belts I got for $7 ea. at Marshalls. Check your local marshalls/TJMaxx. I have seen LP, MK, and even D&G belts.
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