Belted Ergo Hobos!?!? oh nooooo!

  1. I noticed that the belted ergos are no longer on! I was finally going to bring myself to get one this PCE! does anyone know anything about this? I am assuming they can still be ordered, yes? Or should I save my money and try my luck at the outlets?
  2. I would try to order it. I haven't seen belted ergos at the outlets. And you have 25% off for the PCE so it is like getting it from the outlet only you know it hasn't been handled by everyone and you save gas and aggravation.
  3. I have seen them on clearance at my dillards for $250.
  4. I think they are gone from but I called my Nordstrom because I had heard they had them on sale and they tracked one down for me and shipped it to me for free! AND I only paid $168 I believe...for the medium plum leather belted ergo hobo! :smile:
  5. I would definitely try to order it first, caz the outlets can be hit and miss, they may not get them for awhile. I would ask around and see what the style #'s are so you can order one.
  6. They had them at Woodbury commons this past weekend- they had black and tan for about $140, but they didn't have too many (maybe about 5 of them, although they may have had more in the back). It was such a good deal that I almost bought one, but I already have one in plum so I had to stop myself! Call all your local outlets and try to find one! If not Id call the Nordstrom main number and give them the style number and have them locate one for you (their system is amazing!)- I got mine on sale from there for about $250 awhile ago, and then on top of that they let me use my Coach PCE card. GOOD LUCK!
  7. Oh.....I really liked the belted ergos. For those that have them....are they comfortable to wear? I really like the belted ergo tote. Might have to look into it:yes: Seeing as they are disappearing.......
  8. I was at the outlet about two weeks ago and I saw them there. I'm sure that they had a plum color and I seem to remember a black? I hope you can find one!
  9. Both of the outlets I shop at (Illinois and Wisconsin) had them, in both black and tobacco. They believe they were marked down to 169.99-20%.
  10. You live in Cali, they are at the Nordstrom. The plum was 168.00 and the the black 200-something. You should check them out. I have gone to the one in Santa Anita Mall and they have been there for three weeks, and I was there yesterday.
  11. My outlet had a bunch of leather belted ergos.
  12. I bought my belted Ergo last weekend at the outlet.
  13. I have a signature belted Ergo and it is amazingly comfortable. So light! I really would like to get a leather one next.
  14. Thank you so much ....The belted ergo is the only style of ergo that I don't far I have not been disappointed with any of my ergo purchases.
  15. They have the belted Ergos at my outlet currently. No plum, though. Only tobacco, black, and signature hobos - all in both sizes. There were also white and black belted Ergo totes. I don't remember if there were any other colors besides those two on the shelf.

    I just got the medium tobacco hobo this past Friday and I loooooooove it!! I hope you find one!!