belted ergo hobo in mahagony

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  1. someone posted a picture of belted ergo hobo in mahagony a few days ago and i asked the jax but they have no clue about it. does anyone know when is it coming out or what is the style number? thanks
  2. I don't know anything about the Ergo Belted Hobo in Mahogany being released.
    I own the Ergo Belted Hobo in tobacco.
  3. Summer 71~
    Are you sure it wasn't maybe, plum?
  4. This is the ergo belted hobo in Tobacco No. 11262. It also came
    in plum and black. I have the plum belted tote as well - see picture.

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  5. Oh yeah, :yes:I remember that now. Thanks greenpixie:tup:!