1. i am interested in getting a belt but does anyone know how to measure for one? i see that the belt sizes are in inches but do you measure your waist and then add so many inches or how does it work?

  2. You have to measure your waist (or know your jeans size) and add a few inches. I wear size 27/28 jeans but a 28" belt will not fit me. I'll have to wear a 32" or 34" belt depending on how long you want it.

    Better yet, go into the store and try it on.
  3. Hi!
    my jeans size is 25/26 .
    italy size 38/40
    i've read that:
    The Leather Belt Size Small fits waist size 30" (shortest setting) to 40" (longest setting).
    is good for me?!
    thank you!
  4. I would definitely say a small size would NOT fit a 40" waist.

    I have the largest size belt of the style I got which is a 90cm/36 inch multicolore and I am on the longest setting and my waist is 35". (uggh-I'm on a diet- I promise! lol)
    I guess it depends on whether you are buying a mens or womens. Not sure of any variance?

    That being said, I'd definitely think a 80cm/32 inch belt which is usually the smallest I see for sale on Eluxury would fit you tho like someone said above.

    I just dont want to have anyone else thinking a belt in small will fit a 40 inch waist.

    This is their size chart for women:

  5. Another thing to consider: are you going to use the belt with low waisted jeans or around your waistline? If it is for low waisted jeans you need to measure your hip size to find out the belt size.