Belt v Luggage

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I am torn between the small Belt bag (in black) or the Micro Luggage (in black!) My heart tells me the luggage is just the Iconic bag but I'm a gal who loves a shoulder option and the Nano is just too small for me.
    I already own a Alexander McQueen Padlock Tote, Alexander Wang Rocco, and a Mulberry Alexa so I feel like realistically the Belt is probably more in the style I love and will be more practical.

    So ladies, please tell me which one you have, and how practical it is for you! (Photos obviously welcome so I can swoon too!)

    *apologies if this thread has been done before too!
  2. I have both and my favourite is the luggage, in fact I recently purchased a second in souris.

    I did buy the belt but chose to return it. I didn't like the gold hardware personally nor the leather. The clasp would have driven me mad plus the fact that to hand carry it I would have to keep it zipped all the time.

    Here's a few pics I took for comparison.




  3. image.jpeg I had the same dilemma for my first Celine purchase. I chose the Luggage because it's the iconic Celine bag. I wasn't totally happy with the belt parts hanging as far down as they do on the Belt bag.

    I bought the micro Luggage in Ink calfskin.
  4. Completely agree about the leather. I'd be too worried about smooth but I'm not sold on the grained. I don't mind zipping it up as all of my current bags are zips, but I have heard frustrating things about the clasp.

    Oh gosh what a beautiful colour. I could never be that brave but it's beautiful! The luggage IS so iconic which is what I can't shake. My first bag was the Mulberry Alexa and I got it in dark brown to start with, but actually exchanged for the oak because it's classic, and I'm so glad I did. It makes me triple check all my choices!
  5. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468548607.452321.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468548647.272432.jpg

    I have both, and I love both to be honest. They serve different functions for me. If you need to be in and out of your bag every 5 mins then you should go with the luggage. Belt also comes in smooth leather but it is more expensive than pebbled leather. And luggage has a better solid base, so the base doesn't slouch as much as the belt when you pack it up with stuffs.
  6. I love your luggage. What size is it and can I ask your height. I am quite petite but I like bigger bags and want one that can hold quite a bit and still have room, I tend to not use my bags that are bigger is better but don't want it to overwhelm me. Thanks so much in advance. Both bags look awesome on you!!
  7. It is a small luggage tote, so it's a size bigger than mini. I'm not sure if you would still be able to find it, Celine discontinued the small luggage. I'm 5'9 I hope it helps :smile:
  8. Thanks so much! Looks great on you!!
  9. I own both as well. And love them differently. I received the mini luggage first and wore it quite often. When I swapped it for a burgundy mini belt I thought I was over the luggage. The clasp didnt bother me that much, but I really enjoyed the shoulder style. When I swapped back into the luggage I fell in love all over again. I didnt realize how much I missed it. I love the structure of it and just the overall look. As it turns out, the belt is just a bit too roomy for me anyway. I will say, i love how much lighter the belt is in comparison and how much more practical it is for city living. Like jamieejame said above, they serve different purposes. There certainly isn't a wrong choice.

  11. I love both but the shoulder strap was the deciding factor for me so I went for the belt bag. I still think the luggage looks stunning as well though.
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