Belt Sizing

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    I really want this belt! I'm not sure how the sizing is, I wear a size 31/32 in jeans...and of course I can't find anything to measure myself. I looked online at another belt I have and its either a L or Xl making it either, 30 1/2 inches and or 33 inches, that being 76 cm or 83 cm. I hope I'm not too confusing...

    Does anyone have this belt, or a similar one? Is it canvas where the buckle passes through? I'm just curious, maybe if its too big, I could have another hole put in.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. I wear a size 27 in jeans and have to wear a 90 cm (36 inch, Medium) belt. Of course, I wear my jeans low rise so it's mostly because my hips are a little wide.
    The sizing really depends on how high or low you wear your jeans.
    But I don't see how a large or XL belt could only be 30.5-33 inches? As my medium belts are 35-36 inches...