Belt Sizes

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  1. I'm only seeing the mini belt?

    I could have sworn it comes in a bigger size. I'm a guy and I have a large phantom (from before they changed the sizes) and I love it.

    The mini belt is just a tad to small for my taste, I tried one on yesterday and wasn't completely happy. Am I crazy in thinking it comes bigger?
  2. They do come in a small size which is a bigger one without a strap. They used to come in an even bigger size but that only came in the first season they launched the belt. So now the biggest is small size. I hope it helps
  3. Yes, there was also a medium sized belt. It was quite large, maybe you can find one of these.
  4. Celine still makes the small belt which is bigger and is without strap, mind you they don't make a lot of it, but the stores still have one or two in the back room. Celine SA said the company is currently emphasizing the mini belt by doing so many variations cuz the entry point is a little more budget friendly at $2600 compared to the phantom in the 3K range
  5. Thanks guys! I knew I wasn't crazy haha.
  6. I just bought a small belt from a commisioner, and was surprised to see that it came without the shoulder strap. The description said it was mini but in reality is small size...
    I really love the bag but I'm a shoulder bag girl at heart ;)