belt size

  1. Can someone pls tell me what is the smallest size for the belt with the H buckle? I got a belt yesterday and was wondering if I got the right size.

  2. Humm,.. 70cm? :shrugs:
  3. I've seen as small as 60cm.
  4. wow...who fits a 60cm? that is small.

    I am not sure how a belt is suppose to fit. Can someone tell me how many extra inches or extra holes you are suppose to leave after you buckle you belt.

    sorry it's a stupid question but I just don't know..

  5. your supposed to leave 3 notches extra for a perfect fit belt, but who's counting?
  6. Baggaholic...thanks for the info. I wish there was someone to teach me these stuff when I was growing up. It good to have ppl like you around on TPB to help out.
  7. hi,

    the smallest size available in stock in general it's : 72 cm.
    and FYI the biggest size is : 115 cm. :flowers:
  8. hey, thanks for the comment. :flowers:
  9. Hello SP,

    I believe your right. I have only seen the smalles size to be 72cm. I did see a 70cm once. Maybe those that are smaller than 70cm are special orders?
  10. What color is safest color to go with Hermes belt? I love the H belt on other people...I am afraid that it would look funny if belt color and the bag color does not match...What do you guys think?
  11. Exactly. :flowers:
  12. I never thought about matching my belt and my more thing to learn for me.

    Anyways I bought the one that's black box on one side and gold togo on the other. I figure both of these colors are neutral enough to match most of my clothes. My clothes are mostly neutral so it's good enough for me.

    I will try and post pic when I receive it. I had it ship from the store
  13. Thanks, cxyvr!
  14. Hi,
    I agree with cxyvr!
    The most popular still the black box / togo Gold.
    but Togo orange it's very nice during summer time (on white pants ) or with jeans. Check my pic :smile: (silver boucle) it's one I'm wearing now :lol:
    I've got an another in bluejean too. Very cute with washed jeans. :flowers:
  15. Is there a price difference for various size ? How much do they retail ?? Are they reservisble? I've been thinking to get one in blue jean or gold. :yes: