Belt Question

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  1. When I purchas my first Hermes Belt, should I buy the color
    that will match my bag? Or the color that I will wear most often?

    Should my belt and bag match???
    Note: Most often will wear with jeans
  2. Hello, LOOKINGOOD, I hardly wear anything but, denim, and just wear what blends in with my tops and bags. I have a raisin togo belt that seems to go with just everything. Also a barenia that's good for most colors. Have Blue Jean, too.

    With all these I can generally pull together most colors:yes: and none of the belts are identical to any of my bag colors.
  3. I’d suggest buying a belt that will go well with what you wear most often. Don’t worry if the belt doesn’t match your bag, as long as they don’t obviously clash then you’ll look fab no matter what. :okay:
  4. I just bought H belt in Gris T color and the color blends in with most of my clothes. And it doesn't match bag or shoes either.