belt options for a "Chunky Lady"

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  1. Hello,

    since i got married i have gotten chunky, but i want a fine luxury belt. do i have any options at hermes? my waist is 40-42in :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: i am on a diet... but thats the way it is now...

    does hermes have any belt options for me... ?
  2. Hi wiggly,

    Good luck with the diet/healthy eating! Sound like you would need about a size 100 or 105 belt. You could get a classic constance belt and choose your own buckle, leather and colours. These are unisex so they come in larger sizes.

    Found them on the online website, you can have a look here:
  3. thank you for your reply!!

    thank you for your well wishes, its funny how it starts, you are happy and married and you dont really go out clubbing anymore, you order our more, next thing you know your doctor is telling you to loose weight. :amuse:
  4. I have lost weight, but am still thick in the middle. I avoid belts at all cost. I don't want to call attention to my waist.
  5. i know what you mean, but i still need to them to keep my pants in place, it doesnt really matter to me if others can see it. it'll be my own little secret.
  6. Wiggly, I second the Constance belt. You can get a reversible belt which makes a lot of sense moneywise.