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  1. This is probably the wrong name for it , but anyhow does anyone remember a few years back they had the wallet you could stick in your back pocket and it had the leather woven chain w/ a clip for your front belt loop ? It was essentially a Chanel biker wallet of sorts .

    I have wanted this forever and have come across onlt two on e-bay , both of which I wasn't home at the end of the auction and did not get ( it seems that is the only way I ever win anything ? ) . I e-mailed both sellers saying if the winning bidder didn't pay I really wanted that wallet , but they did .:hysteric: :hysteric:

    Anyone seen one of these beauties ? Color isn't too important , just want it . Oh , and what is the correct name for it ! Thanx

  2. oooh, no! That sounds really cool though!
    Hopefully someone has it or at least a photo!
  3. I think I might've saved a e-bay pic of one of the ones I lost , I'll root thru my files and see .

    It was very cool . I think it retailed for around 1000 dollars . You could clip the chain completely off and just wear it on your belt loops , too for that rocker chick look .

    I looked at your profile , we are the same age and both love gardening , shopping and Chanel ! We have alot in common !
  4. Anybody ?
  5. ^hey! Just read your post! ; D we do have a lot in common!
    Any kiddos?
    Where are you located?

    Good luck w/ that, it sounds edgy for Chanel!
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