Belt help?

  1. I am considering an H belt purchase. Something fairly simple, in black, with a palladium or perhaps ruthenium H buckle. I started looking into this online and got quickly confused. Some are reversible to gold or another color? I am planning to go into an H store soon but was hoping to have a bit more of an understanding about the available options if anyone knows and could briefly educate me? TIA...
  2. The H belts are "double sided" can remove the buckle and reattach it to wear the belt with one side of the leather or the other showing...

    It seems black w/ gold or black w/ ebene/chocolate are the most common options. When I last looked, most common buckles seemed to be palladium, brushed palladium, gold, or brushed gold at my local boutique.
  3. There seem to also be black/orange togo combos popping up with more frequency. If you wish for black/red combo this can be ordered.
  4. Pepper, I'm searching for a belt too! I really like the reversible black calf and blue jean togo, but an SA in NYC said this is becoming rarer. Like Gazoo mentioned, black/red is available. NYC also had black/brown, black/gold and black/orange. I'm having trouble deciding which buckle to get in the silver family -- they have shiny silver, brushed, basketweave, stripes and hammered. Ahhh... the paradox of choice!
  5. I am considering getting one too, Pepper can I ask a question too?

    I am hoping to get a mini constance and wondered what's the smallest size is. Does anyone have one that's less than 90 cm?
  6. Thanks all! Rose, I will have to defer to those more knowledgeable re: the mini Constance question (I don't even know the actual names of these belts or the sizes...)
    I didn't know there were so many hardware choices. I guess I'll have to pop into a store and see what they've got. I'm guessing brushed palladium or ruthenium (want to downplay the big H buckle if that makes any sense). I am not big into logos and, an H buckle is a deviation for me but I think it is iconic and after seeing Tenshi's photos on the "H in action thread" I keep thinking about these belts.
  7. I think my smaller one is a 78cm, but have to check if I got that right. Sounds like a weird number.
    You can always have more holds added so even a larger one can still work.
  8. Rose, I just double checked my receipts and belts. I have a mini Constance in 85cm and another one in 78cm. I had extra holes put in both of them, so that I can use either one around my true waist and not just through loops of low-waisted jeans. The 78 works better around my true waist, but the 85 still works and doesn't show at all (extra material just loops inside around the waist so no one can see it). If you don't like to see lots of extra holes in your belt, it's better to get the smaller size. But try it on so you are sure you can use it both ways.
    I love the mini Constance. I use mine a lot.
  9. ^^^ Thank you. I was told by the H "belt expert" at a store that the smallest size that the mini constance came in was a 90 cm. So, I'll ask my SA to find me a 85 cm.
  10. Size question: If I wear a size 27 in jeans (Sevens, J.Crew), what size belt would I need?
  11. ^^ I do a 27cm in seven FM jeans (lowcut) and I am thinking 85 cm. I did try the 90 cm.... bit too much extra leaher
  12. Rose, thanks!!
  13. If you aren't crazy about a blazing shiny silver H belt buckle, go for Ruthenium. I just bought a Ruthenium buckle H belt and LOVE IT! It is very understanted in that metal yet you still have that little "H" punch in your outfit.
  14. The 85 was a gift so I am not sure where it was bought. The 78 was bought at Paris FSH. There were more small sizes in Paris it seemed.

  15. This was what I was thinking, too. Do you suppose brushed palladium would be an acceptable second choice (not sure I will have any choices...)