Belt combination questions

  1. I need a couple of new belts but I am wondering about colours.

    I'd like white, an orange, possibly a red.

    Do you mostly see these with black box on the reverse? I have several belt straps and they are all backed with black which doesn't really help with the reversible aspect KWIM?

    Will I have to SO my belts if I want a non-black side?
  2. Pretty much that's what we were told...typically black on the reverse side andy other combination will be specially ordered...but it doesn't take that long like the bags. SO now, my wife has different colored 3 belts to match ehr bags with black on the reverse for each one. Hope this helps...
  3. I bought an orange togo and chocolate box belt last Sept and I did see another vert anis/orange belt. Perhaps you could ask your SA to do a quick search for you. I hope this helps : -)

  4. Wow, the VA/orange sounds nice!

    I saw a turquoise/chocolate at Heathrow T3 in January, so other combos are def. available outside of SOs.
  5. Wall St and Madison Ave both have chocolate box/orange togo in stock.
  6. I have a chocolate epsom/gold box combo... perfect for my choc birkin and gold lindy!! Love the fact that they are perfect matches!!
  7. I bought an H orange (togo)/Gold box strap off the rack at Madison ave