Belt buckle thingy??

  1. Sorry if this has been posted before I did a little search but had no idea what this was called hope you can help.....

    I remember seeing in a mag a couple of years ago this belt buckle thingy, it was basically a buckle with a little bit of belt attatched at each side this at the end of the belt bits was a loop. The loop was so you could tie you scarf to them and make your scarf your belt.

    Does anyone remember or have this? Do you know what it was called? Do they still have them? And does anyone know the retail price?

  2. Interesting....

  3. oooh i have two! but they're by asprey, not hermès. i can't remember what the retail was, but i think it was under £100. i think they call them scarf buckles, i usually refer to them as the "belt thing."

  4. Could you give us some more details? Could you post a pic?:tender:
  5. Oh yes, definitely I am interested as well.
  6. here you are! i couldn't find my own pics but there are pics on the website.. they start at £55 but go up to about £150ish i think for snakeskin/alligator.

  7. Thats it!!! Thank you ( I really thought it was Hermes they would have thought I was crazy trying to explain that)
    Do you find them useful?
  8. Thank you!!!!:heart: :heart:

    Wow, I am now lusting for something non-H!!
  9. i haven't used them in a while because i left them in london and i haven't been there in nearly a month.. but they're more of a summer thing for me really. i have a navy one and a white one, i sometimes mix them and use them with a blue bubbles hermès scarf which i think looks pretty cool.
  10. Very very nice, I like that idea for our scarfs,.... Good going!!!! Thanks!
  11. O:huh:o i really like it. Its so useful!
  12. I MUST have one (or some) of these!!!!!
  13. Annanas,

    Thank you!! These are wonderful!:yahoo:
  14. ARGH! No online Asprey in Australia....
  15. i'm sure they'll ship ;) they were very helpful when i was in the shop buying them. i'm surprised they don't see to have increased in price considering it was about two years ago!