Belt Bag

  1. I love Celine and its designs.
    I personally feel like they are timeless, minimalist, and classic pieces and those are the exact qualities I look for in a bag.

    That being said, I went into the Celine store the other day and tried the Belt Bag in micro for the first time.

    I never thought much of it but boy is it cute!!

    It’s also way lighter than my luggage tote so that’s definitely a plus.

    I love the bag so I’ve been doing some research and saw some people saying that it’s out of style? Do you guys think the belt bag is out of style or will go out of style?

    Also, do you think, like the luggage tote, the belt bag is a bag that even people not interested in designer bags will know? I mean to say whether it looks worth its price or not.
  2. The Micro Belt bag is a relatively new design. It’s an updated version of the larger Mini Belt bag. I think it’s such a great bag. Small but still very roomy inside. It is very practical with the long crossbody strap. Looks very chic handheld too, like a Hermès Kelly vibe. What colour are you planning to get? :smile:
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  3. I’m thinking of the medium blue!
    It didn’t look that pretty online but when I went in the store and tried it on it was SO cute. And I’m not usually into light colored bags at all!!

    Do you have any recommendations or belt bags of your own? :smile:
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  4. What a beautiful blue . I have a grey one and feel incredibly chic carrying it.
  5. Hi there, I also went to Celine yesterday and it was my first time seeing the micro belt bag and saw this blue color you mentioned. It is a very nice color and the sa said it was called denim blue. She also said the new creative designer just started yesterday and they might be making some changes to the bags. She suggested if I really love the color then I should consider buying it bc they might get rid of the belt bag or may do some changes. I'm not sure how much of it is true but just letting you know. Good luck deciding!!
  6. I just saw a new belt bag on Celine website. It's a Nano Belt Bag! Can't wait to try it in the store. They also have a new color, slate.
  7. Ahh I just went to look at the nano belts online after your post! I've been excited to see this bag and also can't wait to see some modeling shots of it. I wish they had more color selections though. I think I'll wait to see fall/winter collection before decided on a bag (I've pretty much decided my next bag will be Celine) and see how they change things with the new designer.
  8. Just had a look at the website and from the pics it looks like they've changed the closure. And the shoulder strap look like its adjustable as well. I love my micro belt bag but these are great improvements.
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  9. Just checked it out on the website too!
    Do you/you guys think it’ll be in stores by this week??
    I really wanna see what it looks like in real life.
    I love how Celine is trying to improve esp the clasp/closure part haha
  10. I was planning on getting a micro belt bag next! Now I am interested in the nano belt! On the website there is no size description yet, still don't know if it is shoulder carry or cross body!
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  11. Just had another look. I think it's just the nano that has the changed closure and adjustable strap.
  13. I'm eagerly awaiting spring to get the Nano I reserved in Montreal, however I'm torn between the Nano and Micro
  14. I just asked my SA and he says

    21cm L x 11cm W x 26 cm H
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  15. And here the modelling photos - he says it’s just the cutest