Belt bag stitching problem

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  1. I used my new micro belt bag two times. I was packing my stuff inside the bag yesterday and noticed a popped stitch! The stitch is going through the right side of the zipper. I went to Neiman Marcus to see if I can exchange this bag. They are happy to exchange but there are no grey ones left! They have a beautiful blue, called medium blue, but I really wanted a grey bag. I can also exchange for any other Celine bag or they can send the bag for repair, but that can take up to 3 months. I am now sure what to do... have no idea how this happened, I take good care of my bags. Ladies any suggestions on what to do? Happy Holidays!

  2. Is it from "old Celine"? If so, and you think no one will get this color and bag back in stock again and you're okay with the price, I would trim the loose thread sticking out down as long as cutting it wouldn't affect the stitching as a whole.
  3. It is from old Celine. I also thought to cut the thread but the thread goes from the flap, back of the bag and through the zipper. So it kind of holds the three layers.
  4. Send it for repair if you love the color.
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    Send it for repair. The bag is too expensive to just ignore a fault like that! Three months is nothing! You'll regret not sending it in by that time if you don't! :amuse: And I can just speak for myself but I would wait a year for the right color, so this would not even be a question for me! :biggrin:
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  6. I had the same problem with my nano on the handle. It was aesthetic only but I contacted my SA. I sent my bag to the London store who sent it to Italy. Just under 3 weeks later I received it back with a perfect brand new handle and even a new white box and extra dust bag. Mine is frost colour with silver hardware and no way was I losing that bag by way of an exchange.
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  7. At the store they had two beautiful blue micro belts but I don’t have a grey bag and grey is one of my favorite colors. My SA said up two 8 weeks for repair. I hope it doesn’t take that long.
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  8. Grey is my favourite too with blue a close second but if you don’t have grey I would take the repair. Maybe yours takes a bit longer because it has to ship back to Europe but I can’t help think it will be quicker than 8 weeks. The other thing with Celine repair is that you get zero updates - just one day you get a call your bag is on its way back to you. Which is a lovely surprise.