Belt and SF Boutique Help

  1. Hi everyone- I'm going to San Francisco next week and I might just pop into Hermes and get a belt :whistle: So does anyone know about how much the men's "H" belts are going for nowadays? And do they make a black box/ etoupe togo combo or am I just living in a dream world?

    SF ladies: I know their inventory is notoriously bad, but how is their belt selection? And if anyone has a great SA they know of (particularly if they're working next Monday) please PM me- I'll owe ya big!

    Thanks all!
  2. ^^ I cant speak to the belts, but on the brighter side, they do have a nice collection of enamel bangles, compared with my stores at least.....

    (random enabling)
  3. Oh CB..... you're getting worse :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  4. I Know!!!!
  5. haha, don't think I'll be tempted by those pretty enamels- I've got quite a pair of wrists on me :p Does anyone know about how muc the H belts are?
  6. VO, the belts range from about 350 - 500 for small ones and up to 1500 or more for croc or ostrich ones...if you are buying a constance with the removable H buckle, you can now just buy extra straps if you already have the H buckle, i have never seen an etoupe belt but for certain you will find black box, have a great time!
  7. Hello VO,
    The Mini Constace belt $415
    Lydie Reversible belt $355
    H belt $480
  8. Just got back from the SF store and the belt selection is small.
  9. awww :crybaby: Hopefully they'll at least have a black box/ gold togo combo in my size.