Belt and BeBop Prices???

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  1. Hello everyone! Greetings from Hong Kong. Just wanted to ask if anyone knows the current pricing on a H belt and also the prices for all the BeBops (specifically the 2nd largest which I believe is the PM). My friend and I are interested in buying some pieces but we watned to double check on the prices. Thanks in advance everyone and I hope you're all doing well!!! :yes:
  2. Well, the H belt is around $480 US if memory serves. I can't remember the price of the PM bebop for the life of me right now. The GM is $750.
  3. Is the PM bebop like $610? Or did I just make that up?
  4. I got my H belt blk/gold with hammered ph a couple of months ago and the Total was 580.00
  5. hg is right- when I was looking at men's H belts last month, they were $480. I love how you can switch out the buckles now- they had regular (shiny), brushed, hammered, and the cross-hatch (guioche? I know I completely spelled that wrong).
  6. Thank G*d too! Now I don't have to buy a new belt just because I want the buckle. That's how I ended up with so many.
  7. can they sell you the buckle alone? my store said you could buy the strap but not the buckle separately. need the palladium one...

    my PM bebop was around $580 us dollars...
  8. The PM is the 2nd largest correct? Thanks so much everyone!
  9. Well, my store just started doing it. And policy varies from store to store.

  10. that's what my SA said last week too. She also said that they should be selling the buckle separately soon but just don't know when. I guess I will have to shop at HG's store instead
  11. HK prices would probably be closer to SG prices ~ USD660 for the PM BeBop.
  12. I know C. Can you believe that they had all of the buckles on display separately but the policy to sell them separately hasn't yet been implemented yet --- it was just mean!

  13. interesting, thanks for the scoop HG! my store is displaying the buckles separately though...i'm partial to the brushed palladium or the "pinstriped" one...may have to wait til my next trip to madison to get one (that won't be for awhile sigh).

    how much are the buckles?

    and yes, the bebop i got was the 2nd largest...