Belt Advice- Which one?

  1. I would like to get a new belt, but I am not sure which one to buy.
    I already have the Ellipse Monogram belt and have narrowed my choices down to three.
    I am curious which belt you all think that I should buy. I am female if that matters.
    Here are my three choices:
    Blue Denim Belt
    Damier Canvas Belt
    Inventeurs Damier Belt- too masculine for a woman to wear?
    Thanks for all your help!
  2. what about the mono belt with the pouch on the side, I think its pretty unique and good for everyday use.
  3. Go for the Inventeurs Damier Belt!!!! I'm planning on getting it soon. It's perfection. :tup:
  4. MEEEE TOOO! LOVE this belt. I'm a girl and can't wait to get one. I also have the brown mono ellipse and I'd vote this inventeur Damier one above all others for your next belt!
  5. I have the blue denim belt and I totally love it.
  6. Inventeurs Damier Belt:yes:
  7. Ack! This talk about belts is reviving my interest in one...I've always wanted the Inventeurs belt in Utah leather!!! :drool:
    Oh yes my vote will be for the Inventeur :smile: