Belly Veneta - Does it come with a mirror?

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  1. Hi - Please advise if the large belly veneta comes with a mirror. I just bought one, but it did not come with a mirror.
  2. My large belly came with a mirror
    is yours a large?
    did you buy it from BV
    if it is a large and you bought it from BV call your SA and tell her there was no mirror
  3. Thanks, September. Yes, I bought a large nero belly from BV store.
  4. call your SA and tell her you didn't get a mirror and you want one
    if she says she can't get you one
    call customer service in NYC and tell them your problem

  5. Thanks for advice. I will call my SA. Not sure if I can contact customer service in NYC as I live in Asia.

    I like Belly veneta. Do you know the large size is discontinued as my SA said they only have large in nero and ebano?
  6. I think the large is available in other colors in other countries. At least that's what I recall reading.
  7. It is not available in Japan. Perhaps the stores here do not place orders. They do have the medium in seasonal colors.
  8. they are only going to make the Large Belly in Nero and Ebano not seasonal colors
  9. I saw that there is a large belly in Fume on BV website...Shape of belly is cute.:smile: