Belly Piercing???

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  1. My teenage daughter wants to get her belly button pierced. You can call me conservative, but I really don't think it is a good idea. She already has her ears pierced, and I think there are enough holes on her body already. She said belly piercing looks good, and asked me why I won't let her.

    I need good reasons to talk her out of it. Help!!!
  2. How old is she?
  3. I wonder how old she is too. I know that plenty of parents try to keep their child from doing "child things" because they dont want them to grow up and find their own way. I would say if she is at least 16, let her do it and see for herself. I have my navel pierced and I dont think its a big deal. Navel piercings also close up quickly, so should she ever get to the point where she didnt want it anymore, it would close quickly and you would barely know it was ever there.

    The only negatives I can see is that navel piercings are really hard to heal at first and keep clean. You have to do salt rinses, use a special soap and keep all clothing, etc. away. I've had mine for about 5 years now and about once a year or so it will get irritated, but back to the normal rinses and taking care of it and it heals just fine.
  4. Depending on if she's old enough (at least 16,IMO) it can be done safely and look very nice. I see a lot of girls that have theirs pierced and it looks pretty, makes me wish I had a good enough figure to have one!
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    Yeah, 13 and 17 are vastly different ages in my book.

    LOL - freak her out and tell her it's going to stretch all crazy when she gets pregnant (in 20 years, of course!)

    I wanted mine done at 13 years old, mom said yes, dad said no, then mom said no. I really wanted one so 5 and 1/2 years later when I was 6 months past my 18th birthday, I got it done. I let them know I was going to do it, because I don't like hiding things from them, but I didn't ask permission. ~ 10 years later, I still have it and love it, but I am a bit concerned about what to do when I want to have a child.
  6. I agree with everyone saying that if she's something like 16, then its pretty fair to let her get one. Its a very common piercing, and if its done correctly its perfectly safe. I don't think this is really what you wanted to hear when starting this thread, but I can't think of any reasons why you really shouldn't let her get it done if she's old enough, other than she wouldn't take care of it or plays sports or something that would interfere with its healing.
  7. She is 15. So hard to deal with.... She tried to "debate" with me, I don't have any knowledge of the belly piercing. I just feel it is not appropriate. :sad:
  8. At least it's not something permanent like a tattoo. At least if she changes her mind about it when she's older, she can take it out and at worst, be left with a small scar.

    I had it done when I was 25ish. Thought I'd love it, but didn't so I took it out after a few months. Can't even tell it was ever there.
  9. I feel piercing and tatoo things are permanent, not like coloring their hair. I would rather they do it when they are a little older and more mature instead of following the trend. I specially cannot take nose piercing. That makes me think of cows. I feel belly piercing falls into the same catagory of the nose piercing. :sad:
  10. I don't know about those who say these close up, I had mine done like 13 or so years ago and I still have it. After 2 kids I could stick a fork through mine lol ! It doesn't look pretty but that doesn't mean you can't have it done and enjoy it while your young and/or have a good figure.

  11. Okay, you've just convinced me to get mine sewn up by a derm or reconstructive/plastic surgeon before I get pregnant:wtf::faint::blink::weird::shocked::Push:

  12. Going to stretch when she gets pregnant! That's a good one! :nuts:

  13. Since you are not comfortable with it - tell her why, and if she really wants it she can get it done when she turns 18. Belly rings take a lot of upkeep for the first few months to a year, so they are a big responsibility.

    I know you didn't mean any harm by the "cow" comment regarding nose rings - but sometimes they are cultural - I am guessing they are not for your culture :P

    Good luck - teens are hard!
  14. This what I am so afraid of. Young girls think the belly piercing is very sexy. But what would happen when they gain weight and got loose belly years later?

  15. Sorry. I didn't mean to offend people who got nose piercing. Just like you said, I came from a more conservative background. I am still adjusting by learning from my daughter.