Belly Dance

  1. i've been looking into this for a while now and am looking for classes around the city but haven't found any yet. i want to get some videos also. do any of you ladies belly dance? does it really work for great abs?
  2. Ive heard this is a great form of dance, and yes it works the abs like crazy. I take Flamenco and Jazz ,if I wasn't so knackered, I would love to take belly dancing too.
  3. My BF's mom was in a belly dancing group for years. She encouraged me to get into it. I haven't got the time but I say why not try it? Maybe you'll like it a lot and enjoy it. It provides a good workout too.
  4. my friend belly dances and not only does she have a great waist, but shes a great dancer =D my hips dont move, so i'm stuck with basic work outs haha.
  5. This is indeed a great way to work your abs. I'm looking into it as well. I think it's worth it and besides I've always wanted to dance like Shakira :lol:
  6. Me too! :biggrin:
    I have heard really good things about bellydancing classes, and would take one if I could find one!
  7. I'm looking into this too, hoping to find a beginners class for august. I have been wanting to learn some belly dancing for a while, ever since I heard a CD with a turkish singer called Sertab. Swept me off my feet & I sooo want to learn to dance to that music. Very surprising, I have never been interested in oriental music before, but this was just WOW. And belly dancing is growing very popular here, too, as a great excercise. (As is salsa - everyone seems to have been bitten by the salsa bug)
  8. Well, it comes naturally for me! I'm half Turkish half Greek and my fiancee is Saudi Arabian!

    Heheh, anyway, yup belly dancing def keeps the oblique muscles at bay!
  9. Yes it is a great workout. I was taking privates 3 times a week, and I loved it. I'm actually starting up again on the 15th. I highy recomend it. It is a great form of exercise, and its just a beautiful dance. I love iT!!

    (works your upperbody, abs and quads)
  10. It's a great abs workout, and lots of fun. I've seen some pretty good videos, too. I'll see if I can find the titles....
  11. Bellydance Fitness for Beginners from

    There are 3 - one for fat burning, one for arms & abs, and one for hips, buns and thighs.

    You can get them at for about $15.00 each
  12. The Belly Dance Fitness for Beginners 3 pack are very good videos, as are the Goddess videos - Delilah has fun moves, but the 'instructor voice' and the action on the screen often don't match (i.e. the instructor is saying move forward and the ladies on the screen are moving sideways).
  13. oh wow. thanks! i gotta order some of the videos you guys suggested. i think it'll be a fun thing to try out after i have the baby. crunches and belly dance are on my to do list.
  14. Unfortunately, I was born with a rare Caucasian disease where I seem to be missing vital hip joints and the mysterious rhythm chromosome, so I am destined to be belly dance-less, although I've seen it and it looks WICKED sexy and lots of fun!!!