Belly Creams? slightly long.

  1. Hi,

    My sister is around 21 weeks along in her pregnancy. I have gone around with her to a ton of different stores to look for belly creams, lotions, everything and anything, that might help her belly stretch slowly so not to cause many stretch marks. I keep trying to tell her that its natural to have babies and stretch marks can occur and that's ok. She is just overly worried as she is pretty petite (5'0" and 105 or so lbs) before baby. I know that they are genetic, but is there anything my sister can do to help prevent this? She has been using coco butter daily.

    I have tried to search the Internet for her to look for creams and lotions but no luck. She did meet someone while shopping for baby clothes at Gap and the gal told her they used something called Belly Bomb? which helps the skin stretch before it actually expands, but she did not remember where she bought it.

    [FONT=&quot]Any ideas? My sis and I thank you in advance for any recommendations.[/FONT]
  2. Sorry I don't know of any. I am curious about this to as I am currently trying to get pregnant and am rather petite myself. Congrats to your sister and good luck.
  3. I'm starting to get them too.. mine are shiny.. it's hard to explain. But I've been slathering on Gold Bond lotion every night, though I'm not so sure if its helping.
  4. Throughout my pregnancy I have been using a combo of the Palmer's coco butter for stretch marks and creamy Vaseline. So far I have zero stretch marks but I think genetics has a lot to do with it.
  5. I honestly believe it is down to the genes, as to whether you get them or not. Like wrinkles, some people get them early, some don't and it seems to make no difference what creams are slathered on the skin - or not.

    I experienced very few fine stretchmarks - on my bum only. I also have very few wrinkles compared to other women my age (46). I never bothered with the creams etc when pregnant. I really think it is your skin make-up that determines stretchmarks/wrinkles. I have always had oily skin - and hated it. However, I think this has helped me in the stretchmark/wrinkle dept. :shrugs:
  6. thanks everyone. If my sis and find anything new, I will post it for sure. I know there is something out there. In one of my old US weekly mags, I remember they did an entire spread on this and what the celbs used. I wish I could find it.
  7. I found what the stars use: Gwenth, Britney Spears, Pam Anderson ect.

    As a shower gift to my sister I ordered every product they offered. she is very excited.
  8. sorry she can put on all the creams she wants but if it's in her genes they will come and unlike a lot of creams that say they can remove it once you have them they are there to stay