Belly Casts

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  1. Has anyone done these? I'm planning on doing it... not for awhile though. I was looking at some picture of the artwork people did of them on different websites... so neat!
  2. I did it. It was a lot of fun. Its my last pregnancy so I had to do it all! Now I look at it and say, geez, its HUGE.
  3. I wanted to! It looks like fun :smile:
  4. Do it! My sister had it done and it is so cool. Some of her friends have had it done, too. She worked with the woman who did it and picked some colors and fabric and the end result is really amazing. She did it at 8 months. The belly cast hangs in her daughter's nursery and is really unique. I will definitely have it done when my time comes around. :tup:
  5. We are doing it ourselves, bought a package from Baby Depot ... should be fun!
  6. Yeah I've seen the packages to do it yourself. DH is very artistic so I was planning on having him paint it, it would be more personal. And I would rather have him do it for me rather than some stranger LoL. I saw a cute idea where one was signed my family and friends at the baby shower, but then my mother in law had the idea of making a quilt to have everyone sign which I think would be nice as well.