Belly button ring infection...but I took it out 2 years ago!!

  1. I got my bellybutton pierced 6 years ago...everything was fine and dandy for 4 years while I had it in...I took it out about 2 years ago and hadn't thought about it since.
    Then a few weeks ago, I noticed dried skin/scar tissue coming out of what once was my piercing...I flaked it off - no big deal. (Gross, i know...) Now, my old piercing area is sore and's definitely infected. Is that weird or what?? :shrugs:
    Any remedies on how to get rid of it short of going to the doctor? It is not that severe yet, just uncomfortable. Thanks in advance! :upsidedown:
  2. Use the cleaning solution for pierced ears. It will clear it right up.
  3. I got mine pierced about 5 years ago and about three weeks after it went all red and swollen. I asked the pharmacist and he recommend Saline solution (which is most commonly used for contact lenses) and basically it's just salty water in a bottle. You can even make it yourself if you like by mixing salt and water, but I get the bottled stuff as it's less hassle and a good salt-water ratio.

    You don't need a particular brand just any that says saline will do. It was weird using it when there were pictures of contact lenses on the bottle but it did the trick! I clean it with that stuff every night and haven't had any problems since. Or if you don't fancy that you could always go to a place which does piercings as they usually always sell solutions for piercing after-care.

    Hope that helps.
  4. I still think you should go see the doctor... I used to have mine pierced but I took it out and ended up having an abcess....! :Push:

    Painful and gross....

    But yeah, ever since then, I've been having problems with my bellybutton... eczema and stuff... sometimes it gets really infected for no reason whatsoever. My doctor says it could be related, but there's no real "proof". But seriously, I never had any problems there before and since then it's been hell, so I definitely suggest disinfecting it and if it's not better in a few days, to go see your doctor :flowers:
  5. Mine was infected, and I used a mix of betadine and water, when the salt water wasn't strong enough. I mixed it in a dixie cup, and let it soak for a good 5 minutes or so. Cleared right up, and haven't had a problem since.
  6. Ugh I had to take my belly button ring out about 2 years ago...I was jumping a horse while riding Western (stupid, I know!!) and the saddle horn punched me in the stomach and partially ripped it out:sad: YUCK!!!
  7. Ack! That's precisely the reason why I have kept mine in! I had mine done about seven years ago, and haven't taken it out since (except to change bars.) I haven't had any problems with my piercing, but I have a bar, not a ring, which is supposed to be more problematic.
  8. Sea salt and warm water solution.. hold it on there to soak for a bit and it should help :smile:
  9. ack ok this is scaring me.. i ve had mine in for 6 years and dont take it out except for random cleaning or to change bars.. i too wear a bar. will something happen wheni take it out for good?
  10. oH NOOOOOOOOOOO:crybaby: It has gotten much it seems as both the top and bottom holes are infected :wtf: I think I have to go to the doctor is very swollen, feels hot and kind of itches..(gross, sorry)..:yucky: Gosh...THIS SUCKS :hysteric:

  11. Yes, please go see your Doctor ASAP, you don't want the infection to get worse. :Push:

    Tell us how it goes once you find out what is going on with your piercing holes.
  12. ^ the snorks i miss ur old avator.
  13. Doctor ASAP! Mine became infected when I got a very bad staph infection last year, and it really affected my piercing. I had to take it out, after having it 3 years :sad:

    Just see your doctor, to be on the safe side. If he/she doesn't give you any medication, an easy at home remedy you can do to help with the swelling is take 1 cup of warm water and 1/4 tsp kosher sea salt. mix the two in a cup, and put the cup over your navel (you're lying down at this point). Hold the cup over your belly for about 10 minutes, carefully get up and dry the area with a paper towel. Don't use a regular towel, they can harbor bacteria :yucky: This helps reduce swelling and it's very soothing.

    Good luck! Keep us posted.
  14. Thanks for the advice ladies :flowers: I went to my doctor today who told me its not a serious infection at all...he said it will go down on its own within a few days...its just a build up of fluid that my body is trying to flush out. he gave me an antibiotic rx just in case...PHEW!! I was starting to freak out!!! :rolleyes:
  15. Ughhh! I know exactly what you mean! I had mine done 3 years ago, and my belly button has never been the same since! I took it out like a year after I had it done. Try bactine! That worked for me.